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Oil on Canvas

40 cm x 55 cm

Nyotei meaning Empress in Japanese is inspired by the medieval painting of Theodora, the famous Empress of the Eastern Roman Empire.  This is Theodora who finds that is much more rewarding to study her own mind and accepting all the feelings and staying with them, than anything else in the world.

Nyotei is inspired by the life and look of Theodora, the Empress and a wife of a mighty Justinian.

Is about what does it take to become likeable to access the life of wealth and abundance. The period of trying to get into it,  is followed by disillusionment and the naked attempt of preserving the authentic self. The mind itself starts to see impermanence everywhere, so it doesn’t get attached to happiness or comfort anymore. Life is observed like an adventure and the only real home one has got, is in the heart.

Dimensions55 × 40 × 2 cm


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